Caroma® Sponsors Online AIA Continuing Education Course

Caroma PR , October 13, 2010 at 5:54 PM

Surrey, British Columbia – As the worldwide leader in high efficiency dual flush toilets for commercial and residential use, Caroma is now sponsoring the new AIA Continuing Education course titled Evolution of High Efficiency Dual-Flush Toilets, MaP, and LEED. Provided by GreenCE, Inc. through their website, the free online course focuses on the history, future and current marketplace trends in toilet technologies with a focus on high efficiency dual flush toilets.


After completing the course, professionals will be able to compare and contrast Siphonic and Washdown technologies, explain MaP (Maximum Performance) Testing and describe how WaterSense HET dual flush toilets contribute toward projects earning LEED certification. The course also provides insight on WaterSense product labeling and HET requirements, accompanied by studies utilizing dual flush installations showing improved performance and substantial water savings.


“Caroma is proud to be the sponsor for this AIA Continuing Education course,” said Derek Kirkpatrick, Caroma North America General Manager. “Educating architects, designers and plumbing professionals on the advantages of high efficiency bathroom and toilet technologies is yet another example of our commitment to building a sustainable future.”


Beginning with the worldwide introduction of the two-button dual flush toilet system in 1982, Caroma has been known for developing breakthrough bathroom technologies to support water conservation. Since the introduction of the 1.6 / 0.8 gallon (6 / 3 liters) dual flush system in 1993, Caroma has been considered the global leader in reduced flush technology. Unlike low-flow toilets first introduced to the US market, Caroma toilets are high-performance, and environmentally responsible. Committed to water conservation technologies for 70 years and remaining dedicated to promoting sustainability, Caroma continues to collaborate with high profile environmental organizations such as Global Green and the EPA.

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