Caroma's Flow Showerhead Receives WaterSense® Approval

Caroma PR , October 26, 2011 at 11:36 AM

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Caroma®, the worldwide leader in quality bathroom products, including high-efficiency, dual-flush toilets for commercial and residential use, announced today that their first-ever shower product – Caroma Flow, has received WaterSense®  approval, and its label, giving Caroma an unprecedented number of WaterSense® labeled products.

The Caroma Flow is the first foray into shower products from Caroma, and it was designed with the same water-conscious mission and technological know-how as their 51 WaterSense® toilets. The Caroma Flow high-efficiency showerhead with a nominal flow rate of 1.5gpm/5.7L at 80 psi, includes a precision engineered nozzle that pressurizes water to produce a uniform, and soft yet powerful spray of water; maximizing comfort while saving up to 10 gallons more water than the standard 2.5gpm showerhead for a 10-minute shower. Incorporating a unique easy-slide spray adjustment, ranging from a wide coverage bathing spray to a concentrated rinse flow, the Caroma Flow showerhead is easy to install in both retrofit and new construction projects.

“We’ve never wavered from our mission of designing and producing products that are innovative and eco-conscious,” said Derek Kirkpatrick, Caroma North America general manager. “Receiving the WaterSense® label for our first shower product is proof that our company understands both global and local environmental concerns and is responsive to them in every product we design — not just a select few.”

In fact, in 2010, Caroma was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) WaterSense® program for helping to promote water efficiency. Caroma earned an Excellence Award for its impressive number of WaterSense® labeled products in the marketplace — all Caroma’s floor-mounted and wall-mounted dual-flush toilet models meet or exceed the standards set by the EPA. Caroma estimates that 99 percent of its toilet sales in the United States in 2010 were WaterSense® labeled models.

Caroma Flow Showerhead - WaterSense® labeled