Caroma® Promotion Shows Greenbuild That One Flush Can Make a Difference

Caroma PR , November 23, 2010 at 3:59 PM

Surrey, British Columbia – Caroma®, the worldwide leader in high efficiency toilets and the pioneer of dual-flush technology, took center stage at the Greenbuild 2010 International Conference & Expo in Chicago from Nov. 17-19. The Caroma booth was packed with attendees for two days straight; throughout the day, thousands learned about Caroma’s new products and later in the evening, attendees flocked back to the booth to witness Caroma give away Apple® iPads™, Nanos®, Shuffles®  and even a Caroma dual-flush toilet. 

Caroma held the giveaway at Greenbuild in order to show attendees that Caroma’s high-efficiency toilets use minimal water (1.28/0.8 gallons per flush) and are virtually unblockable.  After meeting with a Caroma representative, attendees were entered to win one of Caroma’s many promotional prizes. One hour before the exhibition closed each day, participants gathered around the Profile Smart demonstration toilet and watched as a representative flushed fruit down the toilet, showcasing Caroma’s award-winning Smart Technology firsthand. To the delight of the audience, Caroma’s booth demonstrators then sliced open the fruits to reveal the prizes.
“Our primary goal with this promotion was to increase awareness of Caroma’s high efficiency, dual-flush toilets, and prove that one flush can make a difference in the world; we definitely accomplished our goal at Greenbuild this year,” said Derek Kirkpatrick, North American General Manager of Caroma.  “People flooded the booth to watch the promotion, and we were glad for the opportunity to open customers’ eyes to all the ways that Caroma is changing the way water is used and conserved.” 
In addition to the One Flush Giveaway, Caroma unveiled an eco-friendly booth at the Greenbuild 2010 International Conference & Expo— a booth that not only meets, but exceeds industry standards. Caroma had several products on display at Greenbuild, including: new pop-up displays from its Invisi™ Series II collection, the new Sydney Smart 305 1-Piece Water Closet, the new Somerton Smart 270 1-Piece Water Closet, and Caroma’s first low-flow showerhead – the Caroma Flow.
Caroma Booth
One Flush Giveaway Winners
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