Caroma® Makes Tanks Disappear with Invisi Series II Toilet Suites

Caroma PR , September 22, 2010 at 6:21 PM


Surrey, British Columbia – Caroma, the worldwide leader in high efficiency dual flush toilets for commercial and residential use, will unveil the Invisi Series II wall hung toilet suites fall 2010.  With the tank and flush-valve mechanism smartly hidden inside the wall (between the studs), Caroma’s Invisi Series II toilet suites maximize floor space making smaller bathrooms more roomy and luxurious.  Inspired by modern European design aesthetics, the Invisi Series II also boasts a variety of creative styles with only the smooth, clean line pan and designer buttons able to be seen.        


For a unique look in the smallest area, Caroma’s Invisi Series II wall hung toilets hover above the floor and only visibly attach to the wall.  These ultramodern models include the minimalist geometric look of the Cube Invisi Series II suite, the classic design and smooth contours of the Walvit Invisi Series II Elongated suite, the functional and easy to clean design of the Metro suite, and the calming influence of eastern enlightenment meets contemporary western minimalism in the SeidoInvisi Series II suite. 


“Caroma is always looking to create innovative bathroom design options and we’ve really hit the mark with the Invisi Series II toilet suites,” said Derek Kirkpatrick, North America General Manager.  “Like all Caroma toilets, the Invisi suites are dual flush toilets that can reduce water usage by 40% compared with traditional toilets that use 1.6 gallons in a single flush and by more than 76% if using 2.9 gallons per flush toilets.”      


With the tank, flush-valveand trap designed to work as one optimized system, all Invisi Series II suites flush with less water without impacting performance.  Using the award-winning Smartflush® technology, all Caroma toilets surpass both the U.S. federal requirement of no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf) for new toilets and North American high efficiency toilet (HET) standard of 1.28 gpf.  Caroma Invisi Series II toilets include two buttons for flushing; the half flush which uses 0.8 gpf for liquid, and the full flush which uses 1.28 gpf for solids.  With an average flush volume of 0.9 gpf, Caroma toilets boast one of the lowest water consumption in the market today.


Although the plumbing and tanks are hidden, the Invisi Series II performs like any other toilet suite.  Access to the tank and flush assembly is easily gained through the button trim plate or access panel.  Invisi Series II also offers an extensive range of button styles to match any configuration or suit the look of your bathroom.  Buttons can be mounted either on the wall above the toilet, on a benchtop or counter, or with the remote option, placed anywhere within the bathroom up to 13 feet (four meters) away from the tank assembly.


Beginning with the worldwide introduction of the two-button dual flush toilet system in 1982, Caroma has been known for developing breakthrough bathroom technologies to support water conservation.  Since the introduction of the 1.6 / 0.8 gallon (6 / 3 liters) dual flush system in 1993, Caroma has been considered the global leader in reduced flush technology.  Unlike low-flow toilets first introduced to the US market, Caroma toilets are high-performance and extremely environmentally responsible.  Committed to water conservation technologies for 70 years and remaining dedicated to promoting sustainability, Caroma continues to collaborate with high profile environmental organizations such as Global Green and the EPA.


To aid in the company’s commitment to changing the way bathroom water is used and conserved, Caroma is involved in many community, commercial and development projects in an effort to create a more water conscious world.  As a key sponsor of Global Green’s “Greener Cities for a Cooler Planet” pre-Oscar event for the past three years, Caroma has donated their water-saving Smartflush® toilets to display throughout the venue and gifting suite.  Many hotels, apartment complexes and other facilities across North America have installed Caroma products in efforts to conserve bathroom water and gain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, in some cases to the highest level of Platinum.     


Can One Flush Make a Difference?

Absolutely!  If just one person uses a high efficiency toilet for one year then they will save approximately 330 gallons of water (based on the average three flushes of water per day).  Further, if your toilet is from the 1980’s when new toilets were regulated to use 3.5 gallons of water per flush, you would save 2,410 gallons per year by switching to a HET toilet! If 2000 people switched to HET toilets, in one year they would be able to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with THE WATER SAVED: 660,430 gallons.  If 50% of the 238 million toilets in the US that are high-flow (3.5 gallons per flush or more) were converted to a dual flush toilet, 1.4 trillion gallons of water could be saved per year!

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