Caroma® Unveils New Green Products for a New Year

Caroma PR , September 21, 2011 at 12:20 PM

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA –Caroma®, the worldwide leader in high efficiency dual-flush toilets for commercial and residential use, will bring their message to Greenbuild about how their WaterSense® labeled toilets and shower products preserve the world’s most valuable resource – water. Greenbuild 2011 — presented by the U.S. Green Building Council and considered to be the world’s largest annual conference & expo dedicated to green building— will be held in Toronto from October 3 – 6, 2011.

“Caroma’s message and belief that one flush can make a difference in the world is taking hold across North America and we are excited to be bringing our message back to Greenbuild,” said Derek Kirkpatrick, North American General Manager of Caroma. “Our One Flush A Day Gives an iPad Away promotion is fun and it educates booth visitors on the advantages of installing a Caroma high efficiency, dual-flush toilet.” Kirkpatrick continued, “If one person were to use a high efficiency toilet for one year, they’d save almost 330 gallons of water. As a tireless supporter of sustainable technologies for more than 70 years, we really hope to open customers’ eyes to how Caroma is changing the way bathroom water is used and conserved.”

Located at booth #2111N, Caroma will feature several of its newest products, including:


Caroma Flow Showerhead

The Caroma Flow high-efficiency showerhead with a nominal flow rate of 1.5gpm/5.7L at 80 psi, includes a precision engineered nozzle that pressurizes water to produce a uniform, and soft yet powerful spray of water; maximizing comfort while saving up to 10 gallons more water than the standard 2.5gpm showerhead for a 10-minute shower. Incorporating a unique easy-slide spray adjustment, ranging from a wide coverage bathing spray to a concentrated rinse flow, the Caroma Flow Showerhead is easy to install in both retrofit and new construction projects.


Invisi™ Series II

The Invisi™ Series II wall-hung toilet suites hover above the floor, only visibly attaching to a wall. Plumbing is hidden inside the wall to create a more spacious and luxurious look for bathrooms. With the tank, flush-valve and trap designed to work as one optimized system, all Invisi Series II suites flush with less water without impacting performance. They include two buttons for flushing; the half flush which uses 0.8gpf/3L for liquid, and the full flush which uses 1.28gal/4.8L for solids, for an average flush of 0.9gpf (3.6L).


Sydney Smart 305 1-Piece Water Closet

Caroma’s new Sydney Smart 305 1-piece Water Closets feature Caroma’s industry leading Smart Technology. With two buttons for flushing, the half flush uses 0.8gpf/3L for liquids and the full flush uses 1.28gpf/4.8L for solids. The Sydney Smart 305 is one of the lowest consumption High Efficiency Toilets (HET) on the market with an average flush of 0.9gpf (3.6L). The Sydney Smart 305 offers a modern design with an Easy Height bowl (16.5 inch/420 millimeter floor to rim) for comfortable seating, and is available in round and elongated bowl options that are suitable for ADA installations.


Somerton Smart 270 1-Piece Water Closet

Featuring Caroma’s Industry Leading, Smart Technology, boasting 1.28gal/4.8L (full flush for solids) and 0.8gpf/3L (half flush for liquids), the Somerton Smart 270 is one of the lowest consumption High Efficiency Toilets (HET). The Somerton Smart 270’s sleek, contemporary design includes an ‘Easy Height’ fully skirted bowl (16.5 inch/420 millimeter floor to rim) for comfortable seating. Easy to install with an adjustable connector, the Somerton Smart 270 is available in round and elongated bowl options that are suitable for ADA installations.


Caroma’s One Flush A Day Gives an iPad Away Promotion
Caroma will again host a fun and educational promotion at Greenbuild to show attendees that Caroma’s high-efficiency toilets use a minimal amount of water (1.28/0.8 gallons per flush) and are virtually unblockable. All those who visit Caroma’s booth (#2111N) at Greenbuild will meet with a Caroma representative and be entered to win Apple® iPads®, Nanos®, Shuffles® and Caroma promotional items. One hour before the exhibition closes each day, participants will reconvene at the Caroma booth, flush a selection of fruits down a Caroma toilet, and see Caroma’s award-winning Smart Technology firsthand. Caroma’s booth demonstrators will then slice open the fruits to reveal the prizes.


Not content to exhibit only water-saving and sustainable products, Caroma’s booth is eco-friendly as well.Debuted at last year’s Greenbuild, this pop-up booth features Pionite® high-pressure laminate display boards, Evonik Cyro ACRYLITE® acrylic products, and PureBond® Panels with formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood technology. The booth flooring is an EVA foam that is made from recycled material, and the pop-up displays are an eco-knit material that is made from recycled soda bottles. Caroma continues to re-use this Greenbuild booth at all trade shows.


For additional information, rules and restrictions regarding Caroma’s One Flush iPad™ 2 Giveaway, visit