Conservation Calculator

Project Information

Number of toilets
Number of people
Use 5 for residential, 2 for office use.
Days used per week
Use 7 for residential, 5 for office use.
Water and sewer cost, per cubic metre
Existing or proposed single flush volume (L)
Generally 20, 13.6, or 6 litres.

Water Consumption Calculations

Single Flush toiletsCaroma Dual Flush toilets
Flush volumelitreslitres
Flushes per day
Water use per toilet per daymetres3metres3
Water use per daymetres3metres3
Water use per yearmetres3metres3
Daily water use reductionmetres3
Annual water use reductionmetres3

Water/Sewer Costs and Savings

Annual water cost per toilet
Total annual water cost
Annual cost Savings

New Installation Project

Additional cost for Caroma toilets, each
Total additional project cost
Payback period (years)

Existing Fixture Refit Project

Unit cost for Caroma toilets
Installation cost (per toilet)
Total refit cost
Payback period (years)