Act Locally to Impact Globally

Global warming and climate change issues are making news as more countries experience some of the worst droughts on record.

Combine this with growing population, and it’s clear to see why demands on water reserves are greater than ever. Governments, water authorities and communities are all striving for long-term sustainable solutions to lowering water consumption.

Given Australia’s arid climate and environment, it then seems only natural that Caroma would be pioneers of water conserving bathroom products. Recognizing the worldwide need for resource conservation, their R&D and design team responded by bringing to market, the first successful two-button dual flush system in the 1990s. Caroma’s unique design of the 1.6/0.8 gallon (6/3 litre) toilet became the global standard. Besides lowering water consumption and therefore demand, wide use of the product could also have the potential to lower, or even defer capital expenditure for new water, storage and sewerage works.

Unique Two-Button Dual Flush System

While dual flush toilets were not entirely new at the time, what was unique about Caroma’s dual flush toilet was its two-button system: full flush and half flush. What’s more is that the innovative two-button dual flush technology works with virtually every sewerage system in the world without the need for modification.



Large Scale Testing

The system is reliable, simple to use and proven from a decade of controlled, field-testing. Caroma technicians and designers work closely with government departments in both densely populated urban centres and dry rural areas. Such extensive real-life testing is essential to ensure the continuing advancement of Caroma's resource-conservation technology.

Commitment to Development

Caroma’s commitment to developing its dual flush technology and new sustainable products is ongoing. As a direct result, all Caroma toilets meet or exceed the HET voluntary standards in the US. While Caroma continues to push the boundaries of technology, it is also equally committed to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their products.