Holiday Inn Select at San Antonio Airport San Antonio, TX

Caroma products: Sydney 270 Elongated dual flush toilets
The Holiday Inn Select at the San Antonio airport has recently completed a six million dollar renovation. The 397 guest rooms are fully equipped to accommodate every traveler's needs. Environmental conservation is extremely important at the hotel, and the Holiday Inn Select is a leader in the industry. The hotel has replaced 3.5 gallon toilets with Caroma high efficiency dual flush toilets and have saved millions of gallons of water per year and drastically reduced maintenance expenses. In addition to conserving water with Caroma toilets, they've also expanded their conservation efforts by installing high efficiency showerheads, introduced a recycling program, and installing lighting that uses less energy and saves on greenhouse gas emissions.
Read the full case study to learn about Holiday Inn Select's water conservation successes by installing dual flush toilets and the environmental conservation efforts.