Somerton Smart 270 Easy Height Elongated - Lever Handle

The Superior Design and beauty of the popular Somerton toilet is now available with lever handles. 

The newly re-engineered bowl was designed to improve flushing capabilities.  All Somerton models are MaP Premium labelled at 1000g

Boasts 1.28/0.8 gpf (4.8/3Lpf) Simply push lever down for full flush or pull lever up for half flush.

One of the lowest consumption HET on the market with an average 0.9gpf (3.6L)

WaterSense® Labeled

The enormous trapway is nearly double the size of the industry average

10-12” Adjustable Rough-in

ADA Compliant

Easy to install with Caroma's Unique SMART connector

Includes soft close, detachable seat