Water Wafer Components

Below are the water wafer components available. If you have any questions or need to place an order, please contact your local Caroma distributor.


Water Wafer Components Part #
Walvit Elongated bowl, white 604119W
Walvit Round Front Plus bowl, white (special order) 604118W
Water wafer tank MK3 227006
D715 Sanifix carrier bracket 687715
All thread fixing pack for D715 687812
Wall hung bowl 90-degree uniconnector 414260
Water wafer MK3 large panel dual flush 227147ST
Water wafer MK3 compact panel kit - dual flush 227124ST
Water wafer MK3 remote panel kit - dual flush 227127ST
Water wafer MK3 compact blank panel kit 227126ST
Water wafer MK3 compact panel and button kit - dual flush disabled 227129ST
Water wafer MK3 custom mount buttons - satin 227134S
Water wafer MK3 custom mount buttons - chrome 227134C
Water wafer long pneumatic tube for remote button installation 227109
Flush pipe and Kee seal kit 227031
Tank tail copper adapter 227136
Vent elbow connector 415233
63mm panel screws 227493
Full flush standard button, satin 227296S
Half flush standard button, satin 227297S
Full flush standard button, white 227296W
Half flush standard button, white 227297W
Full flush raised button, satin 228230S
Half flush raised button, satin 228231S