Sydney Smart II One Piece Easy Height Elongated

The Sydney Smart II One Piece completely reimagines the popular Sydney Smart Toilet Suite.  Now with a fully concealed trapway, a side lever handle and improved flushing performance, the Sydney Smart II One Piece is the perfect addition to any home.

Boasts 1.28/0.8 gpf (4.8/3Lpf) dual flush lever handle.  (For a full flush the lever is pushed down and for a half flush the lever handle is pulled upwards).

With a fully concealed trapway and a luxurious seat that detaches with the press of a button, the Sydney Smart One Piece makes cleaning a breeze

Available with lever on the left (987200) or right (987200-R) side of the tank - You have the freedom to choose what works best in your home environment

The signature Caroma trapway is fully glazed and twice the size of the industry standard, making the Sydney Smart II One Piece virtually uncloggable!

Installation adjustability; can accomodate 10" to 12" rough-in incrementally and allows for approximately 1" of lateral adjustment

One of the lowest consumption HET on the market with an average 0.9gpf (3.6L)

WaterSense® Labeled and MaP Premium certified at 1000g

ADA Compliant

Includes 326611 Soft Close - Detachable seat, (for easy cleaning).

Utilizes Caroma's Unique Smart Connect


Prop 65 - California