Specifications + Media



One Tap Hole: 664718W / Three Tap Hole: 664738W

Liano Inset Basin

No Tap Hole: 664408W / One Tap Hole: 664418W / Three Tap Hole: 664438W

Liano Above Counter Basin

No Tap Hole: 661208W / One Tap Hole: 661218W / Three Tap Hole: 661238W

Liano Semi Recessed Basin


237061 (for in-wall installations) or 237062 (for under counter installations)

Invisi II In-Wall Carrier System

237020C (chrome) or 237020S (Satin)

Invisi Series II Rectangular Button Kit


Round Dual-Flush Invisi Button Kit

237011 (chrome) or 237011S (satin)

Invisi Series II ADA dual-flush plate and raised button set

237023c (chrome) or 237023S (satin)

Invisi Series II square dual-flush

237013C (chrome) or 237013S (satin)

Invisi Series II Round dual-flush customer button set

237024C (chrome) or 237024S (satin)

Invisi II Blank access Panel



Switch Retrofit Slide Rail with 16" Tall Shower Arm